Project Brief


Design the ios content app for best game media in China

G-CORES App is a content app for G-CORES.COM, it brings G-CORES'S high quality content to mobile phone for the first time. You can listen to G-CORES podcast in a new way called timeline.You can have meaningful disccusion around related topic. And whoever taps into the content will be introduced to a great world of G-CORES stories, videos. This first ios app united old users on the mobile platform and reached new audience. It is loved by the content creator in G-CORES and the fans. 

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The APP showcase video

My Responsibilities


A startup design experience

G-CORES ios App is a project I did for my friend in a game media startup: G-CORES.COM

Product Strategy+Interaction Design+Visual Design : Me
The content in the app are all designed by G-CORES designers.

The design and launching process took 6 months starting from 12.2014.
I reached to the team when they are asking help on the app design. 
The first 5 months were spent remotely, we used skype to go through concept design, interaction design, visual design and detail design. The last month was onsite implementation.


The Challenges


"Shut up and give me the App!"  

So this G-CORE App is for this game media G-CORES.COM. G-CORES started as a proffesional game podcast, they developed more content ontop of their podcast fanbase. Problem is, they are losing their audience because they can not reach them on their most used device. Everybody listens to the podcast on their phone and with another app. Surfacing great content related to the and bring user back to the platform and brand becomes crucial to this startup right now. Their fans were shouting for this App and their team was just more anxious to have this App.

The Process


The first step of is reasearch, I captured some crucial direction to focus on after I talked to some users and the team. This is deck at the concept stage. 


The Process


Interaction Design and Visual Design

100% honest, the design process is not so clear and structured.
Reason 1: I just got my way into digital design, I knew nothing about the design thinking process and how to apply it to a project.
(See project to see how I learned it in ARK and apply to the design)
Reason 2: The straight up to hi-resolution process was benefited a lot from the original content design. Working with grey wireframes is really ignoring this great foundation. When I showed the team the Hi-res screens, they jumped over the interface and critiqued on how well the content is working with the interface. I am glad they were this focus and talented. So we moved and itterated in this fashion all the way to the end.   

An over view of all the key scressn

Screen details

The Reflection


From Macro to the Niity-gritty

I learned tons of things within this project. 😄 Who doesn't learn a lot from their first big scale free lance project? Here are something I learned that guided for years until now. 

1. Design how to design

Bureaucracy in startup is the most stupid thing. Spending too much time on good looking keynotes and fancy visual concept is just a waste of everybody life. This lesson is taught bu the great honest team.  I changed from the fancy design guy to a solid partner of the team and really pushed the whole product forward. We set up times to discuss and go through user experience to the very excution detail. It turned out that this method fits very well with the team. 

2. Think in macro, hands on micro
As the only designer working on the App, going to deep to the detail and forgot about the flow and everything else was how I started. Great design fits both the end user and the goals of the company, you can only achieve this through this mind jump between macro goals, flows and micro detail screen interfaces. 

3. Be honest all the time
Stay honest is the way to sharpen and stand for your vision as a designer in a team full of editors (and 1 developer). Observe the problem behind"This design won't work for this this and this", solve the problem with the observation and the ampathy for the user, be honest to the observation and thinking rather than following the surface of the problem.


A picture of me at G-CORES 6th anniversary

The Recognition


Great feedback from User

"The UI design is very beautiful and comfortable to use."

"Got the same function and usability as the website, no compromise. Good job! "