Project Brief


An AR concept that engages digital age children to pruchase and love LEGO

LEGO AR is a concept that shows virtual LEGO models in their mobile phone. It tries to show digital age kids the beauty and excitement of LEGO. The project is also a learning experience of things related to VR and AR for me. This project was from Design2 by Bruce Claypool(He got amazing collections on Pinterest)

Project Execution


Step into the world of 3D and game engin

LEGO AR is an concept demo that shows beautiful LEGO model from unexpected point of view in your cardboard headset.

The tools used in this project. 
Modeling: Mecabricks  + magicvoxel
AR library: Vuforia
Environment: Mac+ Unity+Xcode
Rendering: Blender


The AR view with iPad

The AR view with cardboard headset.

You don't have to own LEGO to be excited for it

LEGO toys sells are declining. 
"American kids might not be begging their parents to buy Legos as much as they have in the past." Money 

Digital entertainment are taking what belongs to LEGO before: what kids think is cool. All the iPhone games and youtube videos are taking children away from physical toys. I believe this phone obsession can be an opportunity to take kids back. Using engaging and cool content on phone to attack these natural little phone users. Use augmented reality technology to show unusual views of the LEGO model with just any phone is what I did. 

How LEGO AR can push toy sales

The Process


Develop the visual direction

I did a mood board of the visual direction and collected other intersting forms of presentations. At this moment, I was focusing the concept : "Revealing the secerts inside." It was not working because the product has to show the beauty of LEGO at a glance. But the central image, the exploded watch became my muse for the next round of development. 


Colorful but simple and clean blocks, sophisticated exploded view.

The first demo I made, it is a voxel Einstein photo with a 3D interpretation of E=MC².

The making of this voxel model.

The Process


The exploded LEGO

I started to experienmt demo with LEGO bricks. I was starting to try blender at this stage as well

The render from blender with a test LEGO model.

AR demo with this LEGO piece

The Reflection


The space shuttle 

For the final demo, I used a more exciting and complicated model, the expedition spaceship. I did more comp for several final renders and got a pretty good result

A render test. The blue light did not work out.

 The process of getting that poster

The final poster.

Play around in VR and AR was not that hard

It was really not that hard! Yet the teacher and the crew were suprised by how fresh and magical this little demo was. The technology has been there for years, it is time for somebody to put them toghther and make something interesting.

After this project, I got into the Nano degree of VR deveopment in Udacity. And started to experiment more on my Vive. I am about to make more VR and AR experiments later.