Experiments with an AR glasses device

O.S.G represents Open Source Smart Glasses. O.S.G is an open source smart glasses platform that enables makers and geeks to program their own application to this smart glasses. 
My project is making a product video of O.S.G V2, and come up with some use cases concept videos.  The video is used in website showcase and exhibition showcase.  





With this brand new OSG device, so many possibilites are provided and waited to be experimented. The first thing I did is to make some storyboard and narrow down some more interesting directions. Here are three directions: meditation, focus, and city graffiti. These storyboards were very useful during the process of comunication with OSG staff, they also guided the video production process. 

Some other work for the project

Other than the user case video, product presentation video was also made by me. I also took part in the booth design to present OSG in a tech expo held by Alibaba Taobao. It was quite a challenge to try all different tools and workflows to produce these contents, but it was a lot of fun. Even a litttle sound track were made to accompany the product video. 


The both at the expo day

The booth displaying the use case video

Product showcase video with my own music

Made the music in iPad Grageband