3D Fundamenta 1 | Toy car project

3D Fundamental1 is the introduction course to the model shop in ArtCenter. The class final project is to make a toy car. No design restriction was assigned other than using the screw kit to attach wheels. Here are some renderings and concept I had for the car. 

This is the 3D Model I made to help me understand scale and structrue. The model is made in Modo. Learn Modo really fast here.  Really great tutorial with reasonable learning curve and cool work guranted when you finish. 

The car started as my pure passion for Trigger animation's new show: Little Witch Academia. There is a geeky technology witch in a magic world that drives huge robot. Her name is Constanze. She reminds me of the good old days of huge rediculous robots with a taste of modern anime cuteness. I made servral posters to help my friends understand more about the story behind the car and get exctied as I do. (I had a lot of fun making em, try their music, they are my favortie)

Process of the making of this car, sanding, masking, painting, something wrong happened, painting again.

And finally this beautiful little toy car with ridiculous nozzles.

I even made this fun efect with Vuforia using Object Based AR. This is my friend's tool car, check out his website for more information on this cool car.

Interactive 3 VR app for distance couple

In this interactive 3 class, I designed and prototyped a VR app for distant couples. I tested it with Chinese audience, thus the interface and demo are currently in Chinese. 

The app itself concentrates on intimate interaction between couples with a VR world. Higher level of communication, creating mutual memory, building a future together are the three main features of the app.

This second video is an usecase demo that puts more focus on the story of the user. 
Shooting: Gao le,Xiaomin Tang

Physical Computing Dichroic Prisms 

Using the Arduino to drive 8 servo motors and create a light installation. 

Interaction3 LAB assistant software/ VR tutor concept

A class for user research. We did VR tutor and AR lab assistant. Here are two demo videos.